San Diego Quiz

Here is a little quiz about San Diego. How familiar are you with these interesting facts about our region?

At the end of each question, you’ll find the page in San Diego: An Introduction to the Region where the topic is mentioned or discussed.

All set? Let’s go!

1. When San Diego County was first established in 1850, how did its size compare to now? (p. 3)

a. It was about half as big as now
b. It was the same size, its boundaries haven’t changed
c. It was about twice as big as now
d. It was almost ten times as big as now

2. Starting in 1870, San Diego County experienced its own “gold rush” period, which was mainly centered in the vicinity of what town? (p. 82)

a. Fallbrook
b. Julian
c. Jacumba
d. Warner Springs

3. When Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed into what we now call San Diego Bay in 1542, he named it what? (p. 6)

a. San Diego Bay (Bahia de San Diego)
b. San Miguel Bay (Bahia de San Miguel)
c. San Carlos Bay (Bahia de San Carlos)
d. All Saints Bay (Bahia de Todos Santos)

4. In an average year, the coastal areas of the city of San Diego get about how many inches of precipitation? (p. 108)

a. 10
b. 14
c. 18
d. 24

5. What was wrong with the San Diego River in 1960? (p. 260)

a. It was covered in soap suds.
b. The biggest flood of the 20th century occurred that year.
c. Some mid-level radioactive contaminants got into the river.
d. The main trunk sewer line through Mission Valley broke and about a third of all of San Diego’s raw sewage flowed into the river for four days.

6. The San Diego region imports and exports goods to many different countries, and of course Mexico is the primary trading partner. Which country is second? (p. 150)

a. Canada
b. China
c. Japan
d. Germany

7. San Diego has more Indian Reservations than any other county in the U.S. How many Reservations does it have? (p. 56)

a. 8
b. 11
c. 14
d. 18

8. The first city to be established (incorporated) in San Diego County was San Diego, in 1850. Which city was the second? (p. 209)

a. National City
b. Chula Vista
c. Escondido
d. Oceanside

9. In 1875, a major gunfight, our own version of the “Gunfight at OK Corral”, took place in which outlying community? (p. 230)

a. Lakeside
b. Julian
c. Campo
d. Fallbrook

10. The first year in which it was possible to travel from the East Coast to San Diego by train was when? (p. 165)

a. 1869
b. 1885
c. 1903
d. 1922

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