SDITTR-coverThis 5th edition of the only comprehensive reference guide to San Diego County has been expanded, updated, and for the first time produced in full color.

Since its first edition in 1976, it has tried to convey in a concise but informative manner the essentials of the history, natural environment, and uniqueness of the San Diego region.

This revised 5th Edition has been published locally by Sunbelt Publications. You can buy the book directly from them via their website, or contact them at info@sunbeltpub.com.


Foreword by County Supervisor Dianne Jacob

Chapter One: Introduction: The Uniqueness of the Region

Chapter Two: Building the Region: The Geologic Forces that Shape San Diego County

Chapter Three: The Nature of the County: San Diego’s Climate, Vegetation, and Wildlife

Chapter Four: American Indians: The County’s First Residents

Chapter Five: Peopling the Region: San Diego’s Population Patterns

Chapter Six: Gifts from an Arid Land: Natural Resources of San Diego County

Chapter Seven: Beaches, Bays, and Boats: San Diego’s Coastal and Marine Environment

Chapter Eight: The Most Essential Resource: A Secure Water Supply for the County

Chapter Nine: Working the Land: Agriculture in San Diego County

Chapter Ten: Working the Cities: The Regional Economic Base

Chapter Eleven: San Diegans on the Move: Transportation in the County

Chapter Twelve: Visions of the Builders: The Evolution of the San Diego Cityscape

Chapter Thirteen: “America’s Finest City”: Communities of the City of San Diego

Chapter Fourteen: And 17 More Fine Cities: The Other Cities of San Diego County

Chapter Fifteen: The Towns Beyond the Cities: Unincorporated Communities

Chapter Sixteen: Fun in the Sun: Regional Recreation Facilities

Chapter Seventeen: Keeping It Clean: Maintaining Environmental Quality

Chapter Eighteen: Saving the Pieces: The Effort to Conserve San Diego’s Biodiversity

Chapter Nineteen: Tijuana and Environs: Transformation on the Border

Chapter Twenty: Visualizing the Twenty-first Century: Planning San Diego’s Future

PRAISE FOR San Diego: An Introduction to the Region, 5th Edition

These pages will help you appreciate San Diego’s past, better appreciate the present, and make you excited for its rapidly emerging future. I highly recommend this engaging read.

Stephen F. Cunha, Vice-President, Association of Pacific Coast Geographers

The new 5th Edition contains even more useful information about San Diego County. Whether you are a ­newcomer to this area or one of the few natives, you will enjoy being informed about most every aspect of America’s Finest County….

Monte Marshall, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, SDSU

A fantastic update to the must-have comprehensive primer on San Diego County.

Rob Hutsel, Executive Director, San Diego River Park Foundation